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Wellspring Sunsu-1

Wellspring SUNSU-1 creates pure water by removing various ionic components, impurities, and organic substances dissolved in the water.

If you use it as a pretreatment for your ultra pure water manufacturing equipment, you can extend the filter replacement cycle by more than 3 times. In addition, the quality of the perfect ultra pure water can be maintained continuously.


Wellspring SUNSU-1 produces over 1 L of pure water per minute. It is advantageous when using large amounts of pure water.

FEATURES Sunsu-1 produces more than 1L of pure water per minute (up to 1 ton per day). Use in the field using a large amount of pure water is also recommended. It can be used as experimental reaction water, washing water, instrument washing water, and food water in small-scale food processing. It can also be upgraded to ultrapure water (ASTM II ngrade) or a virus removal rate of 99.9999% according to customer needs.

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MAIN APPLICATIONS -Experimental reaction water -Washing water -Equipment washing water -Food water

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Wellspring T_trans (14)_edited
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Virus Removal 99.9999%

Ultrapure Water

Outstanding performance


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