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WellProtect S is a state-of-the-art antimicrobial mechanism that transforms almost any surface at the molecular level to protect it from odors and spoilage.


Wellprotect's core technology is to protect a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, and ceramic with a protective film that has antibacterial function without deteriorating the surface. This protective shield is powerful, durable, and very effective for single-celled microbes that produce odor and pollution, although invisible. Wellprotect prevents contamination and odor by inhibiting the growth of fungi, viruses, and birds as well as bacteria.

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Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (20)
Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (20)
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웰프로텍-스튜디오(캐논) (27)
웰프로텍-스튜디오(캐논) (27)
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Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (7)
Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (7)
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Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (28)
Wellprotect-스튜디오(갤럭시) (28)
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Wide range of use

Long-lasting antibacterial effect

Easy to Use

WellProtect inhibits the growth of fungi
and microorganisms


Use WellProtect-S on kitchen countertops, tiles, sinks, floors, bins, handles all over the house, washbasins in the bathroom, toilets and bedding to protect against odorous bacteria.


Use WellProtect-S to create a healthy environment for children with weak immune systems such as desks, chairs, toys, mats, game consoles, bedding, and bags.


Create a safe environment by using WellProtect-S for exercise facilities and sports equipment that are highly crowded and prone to secretions.


Using WellProtect-S anywhere bacteria that cause odors and pollution can live prevents mold and mold from deteriorating, smudging, and odors.

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웰프로텍-스튜디오(캐논) (24).jpg


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